Patio Door selection

Patio doors are a great entrance piece into a patio area. Patio doors come in a varietly of shapes and styles. This article highlights some of the key styles to consider.

Patio doors typically provide the transition from a kitchen or family room area to an outdoor patio. Besides being a functional component of a room,Guest Posting patio doors can also become an elegant central focus point of a room.

Patio door selection can be a complicated task due to the many options homeowners can choose from. However there are a couple of key aspects you should first consider when selecting a patio door.

Key Patio Door Selection Criteria Most importantly you need to consider the climate and weather in which you live in. If you live in an area that has hard winters, then it is important to select patio doors that are well thermally insulated, including the glass. And whether or not you live in a cold or hot climate, it is always wise to select patio doors with at least 2 panes of Low-E glass to help prevent the transfer of heat into and out of the home.

Patio door sealing and weather stripping is another important aspect to carefully consider. Again, particularly if you live in an extreme cold or hot climate, it is important that the patio door selected is properly sealed, and uses sealing and weather stripping materials that will stand the test of time over harsh temperatures.

Patio doors get a lot of use. Consequently, patio door selection should also include careful consideration in the screen doors associated with the patio door. Patio door selection should include looking for patio doors that have well constructed screen door components that will withstand thousands of opening and closings.

Finally, patio doors can provide a tremendous amount of light into a room, depending upon the type of patio door selected. Good patio door selection should consider the room where the patio door will be installed to determine if more or less natural light is preferred.

Listed below are a number of patio door selection options to consider for your home:

Wooden Patio Doors Wooden patio doors are relatively affordable, look great and have a relatively good insulation factor. However they typically require regular maintenance. Also, they are more susceptible to moisture problems and damage, which can lead to door swelling and eventual rot. Proper door installation using a watershield can mitigate this concern. Aluminum Patio Doors Aluminum patio doors are quite affordable; however they have poor insulation factors, and paint has the tendency to flake off of them over time. Also, aluminum patio doors can damage easily and there is no easy way to repair them.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl patio doors are notorious for cracking and there are limited color choices to choose from, however they are inexpensive, have a decent insulation factor, are easy to install and for a time look good. They also will not rot or warp over time.

French Style Patio Doors French style patio doors are very popular because of the amount of natural sunlight they can let in and the elegance they can provide to a room. French style patio door selection options include doors that open inwards into a room, bifold doors, and simple slider doors.

French style patio doors are typically quite expensive due to their elegance, the higher quality of construction compared to other patio door options, and the higher number of moving parts associated with them. Also, typically French patio doors include two doors. As a home settles over time, it is not uncommon for the two doors to become askew from one another causing difficulty in closing them and air infiltration. As a result, periodic patio door maintenance is usually required with French patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are extremely popular with home homeowners. They let in a lot of natural light, are easy to maintain, and do not impinge upon the room as do inward opening French style patio doors. They are also easy to adjust and are constructed out of wood, vinyl, or aluminum material.

Installation of Patio Doors The installation of patio doors involves a fairly high skill level in framing and construction, and thus it should probably be left to the professionals. If the patio door is being installed into an existing wall, significant demolition, and framing are required. Framing will require the installation of studs and headers into the wall, and temporary bracing may be required during the framing. Consequently, it is best to leave this work to the skilled carpenter.

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