Deck Painting Ideas to revive the Outdoor Structure

If you want to entertain guests and invite family members to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, painting the deck is the perfect way to begin the preparations. Are you ready to revive the deck with colors? Here are a few deck painting ideas to get you started. Find your favorite and get ready to add beauty to the outdoor structure.

Now,Guest Posting that summer is here, it is the perfect time to transform the dingy old deck into a private retreat of your own. And, the best way to revive an old deck is to give it a new color. Once you repair the deck, the only thing keeping you away from a glorious summer is a new fresh coat of color. But, not so fast. Hasty decisions can lead to disastrous results. When it comes to painting a deck, you need to consider several things and make well-thought decisions.

Deck Painting Ideas to add Color to your Home

When you use a paint color on the deck boards, it means you are okay with covering the grainy texture of the wood. If you enjoy the natural wood texture, it is best to go for a stain or a sealant. And, if you are interested in adding color to the deck, paint offers the most comprehensive range of colors.

Here are a few deck painting ideas to help you get started:

1. Simple, Solid Color never loses Charm

If you want to go with a single, solid color, either you can choose a color that complements the color of the walls or opt for a contrasting hue to bring out the beauty of the deck. If you want a dramatic look, do not shy away from using dark colors such as black, violet, and green. Consider how the color will look with the furniture and make a decision without forgetting that the painting job is a long-term investment.

2. Stripes in Different Sizes

Stripes are one of the most popular designs for walls, decks, ceiling and everything else. Now, it is not necessary to choose black and white stripe design. You can go for a monochromatic look by choosing different shades of the same color. Also, consider the size of the deck to decide on the size of the stripes.

3. “Rug” on the Deck

Many homeowners prefer the “rug” style design on the deck. It is ideal when you have a picnic table or a dining table on the deck for entertaining guests. By painting the deck in rug-style, you can create an illusion of a real rug. The benefit of having a painted “rug” is that you can simply hose it down to clean it quickly. Pick your favorite colors and design a rug on your own.

4. Whimsical Pattern for a Deck with Personality

If you like a deck with personality, consider a geometrical pattern. It is easy to paint a geometrical design with a painter’s tape. All you have to do is pick a design and the colors of your choice! Alternatively, you can opt for an abstract design for the deck. It can really add color to the landscape of your home and make it look unique.

5. Checkerboard Deck

It is one of the most popular styles of painting a deck. But, don’t consider it boring and done-to-death. You do not have to opt for the classic black and white checkerboard design. If you are going to use a rug on the deck, you can go for a monochromatic color choice that diverts attention to the rug and complements it beautifully.

6. Distressed Deck Pattern

If you love the bohemian vibe, then opting for a distressed deck can allow you to create the right look. You can opt for whitewashing the deck or choose a two-toned color distressing. There are many options to choose from! But, remember distressing the deck can quickly become stressful so, it is best to hire an expert.

7. Stencil Design

Classy stencil designs are a favorite of homeowners looking to add sophistication to the deck. There are multiple stencil designs available in the market. Simply select the kind of design you want for the deck and pick out the colors. It is a definite way of grabbing the attention of your guests.

What is the Cost of Painting a Deck?

The average cost of painting a deck is $2 to $3 per square foot. It means if the deck is 500 square foot, the total cost can be $1000-$1500. It is important to remember that deck paint may not be as costly as the labor cost involved in the painting project. And, you may start considering painting a deck as a DIY task. But, you need an expert painter to take care of deck repairs. Renting or purchasing all the deck maintenance tools and painting equipment can quickly add to your budget. So, you require someone with the experience of prepping wood in order to ensure long-lasting results. Remember to hire a painter with expertise in deck painting.

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How to install, repair or replace a steel deck lid

This site offer people a guide of auto deck lids, how to repair, install, or replace a deck lid.

This procedure describes the repair,Guest Posting replacement, and inspection of a plastic deck lid. Adhesive repairs are included for all types of thermoset plastics.The purpose of this procedure is to provide industry-accepted requirements for performing high-quality repair of plastic deck lids. This procedure is intended for use by professionals who are qualified through training and experience.Equipment: The use of a hinge-pin removal tool is included in this procedure. Use plastic adhesive.Damage AnalysisInspect a plastic deck lid assembly for these conditions:visible damageimproper previous repairsmisalignment with adjacent panelsreinforcements that have separated from the deck liddamaged or missing trim, labels, seals, etc.missing or damaged anti-flutter materialsdamaged latch or lock cylinderdamaged hinges, torsion rods, or strutsdamaged lamp or reflector assemblyDetermine whether the deck lid is to be repaired or replaced. Verify the availability of replacement parts. If there is severe damage to the hinge or striker mounting areas, the deck lid should be replaced.Deck Lid Repair SafetyMake sure the deck lid is properly supported, and use proper lifting techniques during removal and installation.Torsion rods and spring-loaded hinges are under tension. Use special caution when working on deck lids equipped with torsion rods or spring-loaded hinges.Vehicle ProtectionDeck Lid And Adjacent AreasWhen working with a plastic deck lid:Protect the deck lid to prevent further damage during the repair.Protect adjacent panels and glass from damage.[Repair procedure of plastic decklids]Deck Lid RepairTo repair a plastic deck lid:1. Remove interior and exterior trim parts, if required for access.2. Perform repairs using plastic adhesive repair procedures.3. Replace trim-mounting studs or holes, if required.4. Apply primer to all interior and exterior surfaces damaged by the collision or repairs.5. Check the deck lid alignment. Adjust if required.6. Refinish the deck lid to restore the appearance, including edges damaged by the collision or repairs. Refinish cosmetic surfaces after all body repairs are complete.7. Replace or restore sound deadeners and anti-flutter materials that were damaged by the collision or repair8. Install the inner trim panel.9. Replace all trim, labels, weatherstrips, etc.10. Continue vehicle reassembly.Deck Lid Removal1. Open and support the deck lid.2. Protect the backlite and adjacent panels.3. Disconnect the electrical connectors, cables, hoses, and torsion rods, if required4. Mark the hinge positions on the deck lid, and on the body panel if the hinges are being replaced. Use existing painted surfaces as a reference.5. Unfasten the deck lid from the hinges. Note the location of any a vehicle. shims.6. Carefully remove the deck lid from the vehicle.7. Remove the striker assembly.Deck Lid Installation1. If installing a replacement deck lid, refinish the underside and edges of the deck lid before installation.2. Protect the backlite and adjacent panels.3. Support the deck lid on the hinges, and loosely install the fasteners. Reinstall any removed shims.4. Lower the deck lid slowly. Make sure it does not contact the adjacent panels.5. Check for proper alignment to the adjacent panels. Adjust the position at the hinges as needed.6. Raise the deck lid and properly torque all fasteners to the vehicle maker ’s recommendations.7. Close the deck lid and recheck the alignment.8. Install the striker assembly.9. Lower the deck lid slowly to see if the striker properly enters the latch assembly without forcing the deck lid out of alignment. Align the latch assembly, or the striker as needed.10. Reconnect the torsion rods, electrical connectors, cables, and hoses.11. Spot paint the hinges and fasteners, if required.12. Refinish the deck lid after all body repairs are complete.13. Transfer or install replacement parts such as handles, lock cylinders, latch assemblies, etc.14. Install trim, labels, weatherstrips, seals, etc.15. Lubricate the hinges and latch, if required. Follow the vehiclemaker ’s recommendations.16. Test all electrical accessories for proper operation.17. Perform water leak tests to ensure proper sealing.18. Continue vehicle reassembly.Use Of Recycled (Salvage) PartsCondition Of Salvage PartsDo not install a salvage plastic deck lid having any of these defects:unrepairable damagedamage caused by fireimproper previous repairsreinforcements that have separated from the deck lidReplace any damaged or missing trim, labels, seals, latches, etc. Confirm that labels or information decals match the original. Replace if required.[Plastic decklid inspection and testing]Inspection And TestingInspection Of A Repaired Or Replaced Plastic Deck LidAfter installation or repair, inspect a steel deck lid for these conditions:proper alignment with adjacent panelsfasteners torqued to the vehicle maker’s recommendationsproper application of anti-flutter materiproper operation of the lock cylinderproper operation of the torsion rodsproper lubrication of the hinges, latch, and lock cylinderproper latching and releaseproper finish appearance and film thicknessproper installation of all trim, labels, and fastenersproper installation of hoses, cables, wiring, and electrical connectorsproper operation of electrical accessoriesproper sealing against air and water leaksFor more informations about decklids, how to install, how to repair or replace a deck lid visit:

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